I help corporates and market participants navigate geopolitical and political risks.
Globalization is changing shape—and rules, standards, and norms are fragmenting.

The balance everywhere is tilting dramatically in favor of those who advocate more technonationalism, more protectionism, more restrictions on foreign capital, a heavier hand for the state, less reliance on market forces, and, ultimately, more closed economies.

The U.S.-China crackup lies at the heart of this change, but their fraught relationship is not the only place where this is happening. I identify and can help navigate these intensifying risks.
I’ve worked with presidents, prime ministers, and senior policymakers from two-dozen countries, served in executive roles in the U.S. government, negotiated international agreements, advised market participants in all asset classes, and consulted for leading multinational companies.

My sweet spot is the intersection of geopolitics with market and business risks. I've advised two Secretaries of State, a former Treasury Secretary, leading CEOs, and boards of directors, especially on Asia and technology.

I’ve worked all over the world but especially in Asia—a region with 4.5 billion people, projected to comprise 58% of global GDP by 2030, which includes six countries with nuclear weapons, powerfully clashing nationalisms, territorial disputes that threaten to erupt into war, and huge potential for disruptive geopolitical and technology risk.
I span four worlds: government, markets and corporate advisory, think tanks, and academia.
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